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Revealing the Secret Turning Point of World War II

WAR & CONFLICT BOOK ERA: WORLD WAR I/THE FRONTDuring World War II, the human race came agonizingly close to the edge of the abyss. Through the courage, sacrifice and perseverance of men and women of a special generation, the war was changed from what it was surely set to be – a victory for the dark forces of the Nazis – into a triumph that stands today as one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind. What were the factors that made this great victory possible? Was it the bravery of these men and women? Was it the leadership of great men as Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill?, or was there more to it? Were there other unknown forces at work that may have been more responsible for this victory than any other?  Forces that most do not know of, and that may have played the most important role in defeating evil and swinging the fortunes of fate onto the side of good.

What may these forces be? … First, let us understand how the war was won. Read more »