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The Heart Of World War II

10541038World War II continues to capture the imagination like no other conflict in history. A large part of this may well be because it is the most recent traditional war – as popularly imagined. While any number of large-scale conflicts have arisen since then, none have been “traditional” as World War II has been. Most wars are between generally unequal powers. After all, no one bothers fighting unless they think they can win – or are forced to.

However, in World War II, though it started out as the usual big-power-attacks-small-power conflict, big powers – the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union – soon joined in and the conflict expanded worldwide almost overnight. Thus World War II was the kind of war we all know and even “love” – a “set-piece” conflict with a real good versus evil theme.

For most wars are over trifling matters; a hill here, a river there. World War II was literally a cultural war, where not only territory was at stake but the very nature of civilization itself, the form it would take for the next several decades or, even, as envisioned by Adolf Hitler, centuries. WWII’s case involved the most amount of nations which had 2 military operating alliances, the Allies and the Axis, which began at the beginning of September 1939 with an unseen invasion by Poland. Read more »