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Military Historical Tours

I would like to tell you about the Military Historical Tours organization of Woodbridge, Virginia.
Who is Military Historical Tours? They make this statement:
“We are the finest, custom-designed tour program for Veterans, Family Members, Historians, Educators or Students.” Believe it folks, they are.

For 25 years they have followed the vision of providing opportunities to visit battlefields of past conflicts. Their belief is — by visiting and learning about past battles, we can more fully understand the events surrounding those battles and understand how they connect us to the history of our nation and the world.

They want to help you travel to Vietnam, and preview the struggle of fighting in a dense jungle environment.

They want to help you tour the hills of Korea and learn about battle in sub-zero weather, and visit the trenches of World War I or hike past the hedgerows of Normandy.

They want to help you see famous battlefields of World War II’s “Pacific Campaign” like [Guam, Peleliu, Iwo Jima]; develop your own historical tour package for your friends and family.

MHT was founded by Colonel Warren Wiedhahn, USMC (Ret) — a Korean and Vietnam War Veteran — from his vision of providing fellow Veterans, their Families and Friends, Historians, Educators and Students alike, the opportunity to re-visit the battlefields of the past. Read more »

Pain and Purpose in the Pacific

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Pain and Purpose in the Pacific: True Reports of War
Pain and Purpose in the Pacific offers a unique glimpse of Marines, Air Corps, Soldiers, and Sailors to include Coast Guard at war and the family and friends they leave behind. Bright bridges a historical look at World War II with vignettes of the realities of war, giving the reader a clear-eyed view of what it means to live and die in service of your country.

In Pain and Purpose in the Pacific: True Reports of War (published by Trafford Publishing), author Richard Carl Bright tells the stories of his uncle Carl Johnson, an American Marine who spent 30 months in the Pacific during WWII. As the United States Marine Corps fought costly campaigns in the Pacific, Carl saw bitter combat on the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Okinawa.

In this moving work, Bright, who lived for seven years on Saipan, puts a human face on the tragedies of war, ushering readers into the darkest pits of destruction (the pain) and into the brightest views of hope and redemption (the purpose). Bright traces his Uncle Carl’s travels during World War II, from his homeland in Minnesota to the battle-torn islands of the Pacific, all the way to Japan. Bright, a veteran of Vietnam, colors his prose with his personal experiences and observations by traveling to many of the Pacific locations, including Iwo Jima, the Marianas Islands, Peleliu and the Philippines. He also personally interviewed Carl’s Platoon Sergeant, Arthur Wells, who fought at Carl’s side. Read more »